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Cornish language resources

Bagas Kernewek Gorran

There are many Cornish language resources available to help us on our learning journey and new resources are being created all the time.

Standard Written Form (Furv Skrifys Savonek)

Bagas Kernewek Gorran follows the Standard Written Form or ‘SWF’, the form that is used in schools, by Cornwall Council and by Gorsedh Kernow. Please be careful when you are choosing all Cornish language resources that you are using SWF, not another form. This page only talks about SWF resources.

For a history of the forms of Cornish, this Wikipedia page tells the story.

Cornish Language Websites

Kesva an Taves Kernewek

The Cornish Language Board

Kesva oversees the revival of the language, organises teaching, conducts examinations and publishes educational materials.

Go Cornish

Go Cornish provides educational materials for primary schools and adult learners. This site gives access to the Memrise app and Say Something in Cornish, the repeating conversational resource by Pol Hodge.

Kowethas an Yeth Kernewek

Cornish Language Fellowship

The Cornish language Fellowship is a charity that supports the Cornish language, it runs conversation events across Cornwall.

Cornish Language Books

The following books can be found on Amazon, through the online shop of the Kowethas here and via Tormark Books in Redruth. Shop around to get the best price as they do vary between these suppliers.

Cornish language resources

Holyewgh an Lergh

Cornish This Way (Follow the path)

This is the first book of two, and likely to be the book that we will refer to the most. The best price appears to be around £5.95 excluding postage.

Bora Brav

Fine Dawn

Bora Brav is a more colourful book than the Holywegh series. It is more of a teacher’s resource than a student’s book, but would be a helpful addition to your Cornish library. The price varies from £11.99 to £15.49, so shop around.

An Kynsa Mil Er Yn Kernewek

First Thousand Words in Cornish

This is a colourful cartoon book that features a topic on each page with single word vocabulary only, no sentences or grammar. Be careful that you buy the SWF version as there are others. Price is about £6.99.

Online Cornish Language Resources


The Cornish version of Wordle is available here.

An Gannas

An Gannas is a magazine written entirely in Cornish which is published every month by the Kowethas. Find it here.

Radyo An Gernewegva

Cornish Radio and TV is available here. Listening to these resources is a good way to begin immersing yourself in the Cornish language.

Social Media Resources


Kowethas – the Cornish Language Fellowship has an active group here.

There is a group “I pledge to become more fluent in Cornish” that shares resources for learning. Find them here.


The hashtag #kernewek is used by many including the weather in Cornish each day.

Exams in Cornish

If you wish to undertake a formal study programme leading to exams, then the recommended (but not only) route is via Kesva.

Exams are held in the summer each year and cover four levels. Level 4 is broadly equivalent to first year university.

The Kesva website has the material for each level here.

For £20 per level you can work with a tutor who will mark your work and help with questions. At the current time, success at level 4, along with a commitment to maintain the language, gives automatic membership of Gorsedh Kernow.

Bagas Kernewek Gorran

This page provides resource suggestions for the Gorran Cornish Group. For more info on this group please see here.

Please also see the Facebook Group here.

If you have any suggestions for additional Cornish language resources on this page please comment on the Facebook group. Meur ras.

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