Grandfather Sanders Pocket Book

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These extracts from Grandfather Sanders Pocket Book kindly provided by Frank Pinto.

Grandfather Sanders Pocket Book

(Transcribed by Frank Pinto in 2010)


What follows is a transcription of a small book, measuring approx 3in X 5in. Inside the front cover, which is reddish brown and once carried a brass clasp to keep it closed, is the Almanac for 1851. It contains observations hand written in pen and ink by, Grandfather Sanders. Its entries start in 1851 and end in 1867 although there are some later entries in a different hand. I have typed these later entries in italics. It gives a brief insight into some of the people living in Gorran Haven at the time, mainly listing Births, Deaths and Marriages. Its contents may help those interested in researching their family history.


It is said that at the time the entries start Grandfather Sanders was the landlord of the Ship Inn, Gorran Haven. The Ship Inn was situated at the top of the beach in the cottage now known as Beach House. It is part of the complex that contains the Mermaid Café and is now surrounded by the sea defence wall known locally as “The Platt”.


The book is currently the property of Robert Holland, who lived for most of his childhood in Gorran Haven. He now lives, with his wife Jenny, in France.


The book was bequeathed to him by Dorrie Liddicoat who lived with her husband Jim and his brother Fred in a cottage in Rattle Street, Gorran Haven, now known as Rosedale. Fred and Jim were fishermen working together on a typical Gorran Haven Crabber named Lindy Lou. These gentlemen were well known to anyone living in Gorran Haven just after the Second World War. Both men always wore the fisherman’s “uniform” of roll necked navy sweaters and jacket. Jim was a large quiet man but Fred was a real character always with a cigarette in the corner of his mouth. He chain smoked untipped Woodbines. He smoked them until the stub became that small that it was too hot to hold between his lips. The next cigarette was then lit from this stub if he could find a way of holding it without burning his fingers. He was also the caretaker of the snooker room in the Old Institute. Those of us boys who were teenagers in the sixties spent many winter school holiday afternoons sitting, happily, with Fred around the “Tortoise” coal fired stove.




I have tried faithfully to reproduce Grandfather Sanders words and spelling. Where I have found it impossible to read a word or letter I have inserted question marks.


Each page of the book is numbered but not, I believe, by Grandfather Sanders. I have, however, included the numbers as reference points.


Not all of the entries are in chronological order so I have emboldened the years. This I hope highlights where entries have been added later.


On page 5 there is reference to “taking up the West Briton”. It would appear that Grandfather Sanders must have found some of the articles in the newspaper so interesting that he made entries about them in his book.


The first section of the book, (approx 35 pages) relate to the pub and are lists of items needed for brewing. The more interesting contents follow.


Page 1.


June 17th     Brewd 36 galls o beer

July 7th         Brewd 18 Galls o beer

July 31st     Brewd malt            1 7

August 4th                               3 6

12th                                3 6

19th                                3 6

25th                                1 7

Sep     30th.


13th Jan E A Home one day with bad lip


E A went to Miss Clark Oct 21st.

Home 3 days with finger.

Sep 26 Seteld with my house and Esther.


Page 2


                                       £     s     d

June pead for malt & hop 3   15     0

July                                5   12     2

August                           2     2     6

August                           3   15   10

Sept                               4     8     0

Oct                                 1   13     9

Nov                                 2 14     0

Dec                                 3   12   0


27     3   7


Jan                                   2     5     0

Feb                                 2       5    0

March                             3       9     0

April                               4     2     6

May                                 2     5       0

May                                 4     7       0

June                               4   10      0

July                                 5   12       6

August                             7   2       0

Sept                               6   0       0


Page 3

May Lead out for the house

                                         £   s   d

Lock and lach                         1   3

Glas and puttey                       2   8

Hingis for windos                     0   6

Paint and oil                     1   0 10

Brushes and Lime                   3   6

Wood                               1   1   6

Work                                   10   6

Hingis and latch for doors         2   6

Edward Oliver                         7   0

Jacub Reaket                           1   0


3   11 5

William Gie                             1 41/2

Jacub Recket                           2   6

Settled                               3 15 31/2

Febry 28th Cheldren went to scool

April Susan home 1 & 1 week

Elizebeth       2 & 1 & 2


Page 4


                                     £     s   d

June 4 47 tuns of coals 16   9   0

Fright                   12   6   9

Carige & stowin       1   8   10


30   4   7


July 23 Coals 47 tuns     16   9   0

Fright                           13   1   0

Carige & stowing             1   18 0


30 18   9


61     3 4




April 1st    

401/2 tuns of coals         28 17 0

Carige                             1   0 10

Stowing                                7   6

Lowence                               2 6


30   7   10

June 4th 11 tons 6 cwt       7   9   8

Carige & stowin                     5   2

Lowence                              1   0


7   15 10

Page 5


Janry Lead out for the house

£   s   d

Chimle top                          5   0

Jacub Recket                       2   6

Repearing Slet                     2   6

Nov Repearing Slet                     8



March 53 Reparing slet         1   6

Oct     Wod for Stalile           7   0


May 53 Bought a pig of Mr Burn


West Briten tuck up on the 19th of March 1852


Page 6

Eliza Ann went to Miss Clarks Oct 21st 1851.

Nov 16th Pead Miss Clark 12s 6d

Dec home 3 Days with a Bad finger

Janry 1852 home one day with A bad Lip

Febry home 15 days with A bad thum


Dec 27th 1852 A very high tide.

Broke in Sellers Doors


Nov 18th 1852 The Duke of Wilinton beured

Page 7                               £     s   d

Sept 4th Coals 5 cwt             2     4   2

Sept 27th 63 ton                 42   10   0

Janry 1st 1853     Malt     1B   8 Galls

Janry 21st             Malt     1B   8 Galls

Febry 10th             Malt     1B   6 Galls

Febry 10th   Settled

Febry 19th           Malt       3   3

Febry 19th           Hops     29 lbs

Febry 26th           Malt     3 galls

March 11th           Malt     21/2 galls


April                   Malt       5   3 Galls

May 6th               Malt       21/2 Galls


May 30th             Malt       21/2 Galls

June 4th               Malt       21/2 galls

June 4th               Hops     30 lbs



Page 8

Oct 1852

Paid Mr E Cowlin for malt & Hops £7 2s 6d

Dec                                           £3 9s 0d


Pead in 52                               £52 9s 6d


Febry 1853 Pead                       3 18 4

March                                       7   2 0

May                                           7 10 0

June 14th                                   7   2 6

Sept 10th                                 13 2 0

Nov 3rd                                       8   0 0

Dec                                           4   2 6


50 17 4



Page 9

Receved malt & Hops from Mr E Cowlin July 3rd             Malt      21/2 Bushls

July 17th           Malt     11/4

July 24th           Malt      21/2

Augst 7th           Malt     21/2

Augst 7th           hops     28 lbs

Augst 17th        Malt      11/2 B


Augst 28          Malt     21/2

Sept 11th         Malt      21/2

Sept 25th          Malt     21/2

Oct 9th            Malt     21/2

Oct 9th              Hops   25 lbs

Oct 23rd             Malt     21/2


Nov 24th            Malt     21/2

Dec 24th            Malt     1 B 8 g   Settled

Page 10

Baut of Mr Varcoe

15 tons 9cwt Coals

19s per ton       £14 13s 6d


April 25th

Baut of Mr Varcoe

18tons 9cwts of Coals

17s 9d per ton   £16 7s 6d


May 27th

Baut of Capt Lealen

16 tons 3 cwt of coals at

17s 3d per ton   £13 19s 0d


Page 11

Baut of Mr Varcoe

33 tons 8 cwts of Coals at

16s 6d per ton   £27 11s 0d

Carige                       14s 7d

Stowing                       8s 4d

Lowence                     4s 6d


£28 18s 3d


Sept 6th Baught of Capt Leleain

30 tons 1cwt of Coals at

17s per ton           £25 10s 0d

Carige & Lowence         9s 0d

Stowin                           2s 6d


£26   1s   6d


Dec 5 Baught of Capt Leleain

551/2 tons of Coals at

22s 7½ d per ton   £62 15s 8d

Carige Stowing     £ 2   7s 8d


Totel                     £65     3s 4d

Page 12

Baught of Mr E Cowlin Malt & hops

                                 B   Gs

June 9th       Malt         2   15

July 11th       Malt       21/2

July 30th     Malt       21/2

July Returned Hops   121/2 lbs

August 8th     Hops     41/2   lbs

August 13th   Hops     3      lbs

August 13th   Malt       2½   B

August 22nd   Malt       21/2 B

August 22nd   Hops     12 lbs

Sept 10th   Settled the above

Sept 12th       Malt       15 galln

Sept 17th       Malt         21/2   galln

Sept 17th     Hops       2 lbs

Oct 1st         Malt         21/2   B

Oct 1st         Hops       20 lbs

Nov 3rd   Settled the above

Nov 21st       Malt         11/4 B

Dec 2nd       Malt         11/4 B

Dec 19th       Malt         11/4 B

Page 13

Oct 1853 Baught of John Frances 3 Hogheds of Cider at £1 2s 6d per Hoghed       Settled


Do of Wm Dingle 2 hogheds at £1 2s 6d per hoghed     Settled


Do of Wm Dingle 4 hogheds at £1 5s 0d per Hoghed

Oct 31st Pead Wm Dingle   £5 2s 0d                     Settled


Do Recherd Hennea 2 Hoghead for     £1 5s 0d per Hoghead £2 10s 0d           Settled


Receved from W Dingle 2 Hoghead one kilderken & 8 galls



Page 14


Receved Malt & Hops of Mr E Cowling

Jan 21st Malt     21/ 2   B

Jan 25th Settled


Febry 18th Malt  21/2   B

March 4th   Malt   21/2   B

March 4th   Hops   30 lbs

March 4th   Settled


April 8th     Malt   21/2   B

April 23rd   Malt   21/2   B

May 2nd   Settled


Dec 22nd   Malt   21/2   B


Pig   1



Janry 12th   Hops     5 lbs

Janry 20th  Hops   14 lbs

Malt   21/2   B



Page 15

Pead Mr E Cowling in 1854

Janry 25th pead   £ 3 8s 0d

March 7th   pead   £10 10s 0d

May 2 Pead           £ 6 17s 0d

Sept 30   Pead     £13 13s 0d

Nov 25   Pead       £ 6 10s 0d


£41   0s 0d


May 1st   Pead       £24 12s 0d

June 12th Pead     £ 6 13s 0d

Augst 6   Pead     £12   7s 6d

Oct     2   Pead     £ 7   12s 0d


£51   5s 0d

Page 16


March 2            Malt     21/2   B

March 24          Malt      21/2   B

Do                   Hops   30 lbs

Aprl 14             Malt     21/2   B

Do                   Wheat     ½ B

May 1st   Settled

May 5                 Malt      21/2   B

Wheat     ½   B

May 26             Malt       21/2   B

June 12   Settled

June 23            Malt       21/2   B

July   16            Malt       21/2   B

Hops       3 lbs

July 27             Hops     24 lbs

Malt      21/2   B

Augst 6     Settled



Page 17

                               B       G       s

Winued Weat                 15     15

Barley                     2       12     30

Barly                     1       14   17

Weat                     1         2   26

Barley                     1       22   23

Weat                     4       12     £4   15s

Weat                               £8   16s

Barley                             £3     2s

                         B       G     £      s

Barley             3       8       3       2

Barley             2       0       2       1

Barley             5       20     3       10

Weat               2       3     2       15


Weat             8         8     11     15

Barley          15       20       9       9

21       4

Weat               6         5

Barley             8         8



Page 18


May 16th Ad Coal from J Liddycoat

102 ton   18s 6d Per Ton   £94 7s 0d

Stawing                            £ 1 5s 6d

Carige                             £ 2 7s 6d

Lowance                           £0   14s 0d


£98 14s 0d









Page 19


Oct 10 But of Mr Hicks

Malt     21/2   Bush

Hops     3 Lbs

Poorter 1 Kilder

Nov 2nd                    Malt      1 B   6 Galls

Hops   4 lbs


Nov 28th            Malt     3 Bus 18 Gall

Hops   4 lbs

Dec 11th           Hops   1cwt   2qtr 27 lbs


Janry 2            Malt     5 B


Febry 28           Malt      5 B

Poorter 1 Kilderk


Apprl 2            Malt     5 B

Poorter 1 Kilderk

May 14th           Malt     5 B

Porter 2 Kilder


Dec 24             Porter 2 Kilder

Page 20

Nov 2              Pead Mr Hicks   £ 6   3s

Dec 11th            Pead Mr Hicks   £16   1s

Janry 19th 1856 Pead             £ 7 18s

March 28         Pead Mr Hicks   £ 7 11s

May 20             Pead Mr Hicks £15 3s

July 9               Pead Mr Hicks £11 15s

August 22       Pead Mr Hicks £15 14s 6d

Oct 31            Pead Mr Hicks £12 10s 0d

Janry 7th 1857 Pead Mr Hicks   £ 2 0s 0d

£95   1s 0d



Page 21


July 7th Receved from Mr Hicks

Malt      61/2 Bus

Poorter             3 Kild

July 9th Settled the above

July 9th              Poorte             5 Kild

August 5           Poorte             5 Kild

Malt     71/2   B

Sept 9              Malt     5 B

Poorter             1 Kild

Oct 11             Malt     5 B


Nov 3rd             Malt     6 B   6 Galln

Dec 4              Malt     5 Bush


Janry 4 from Mr Hicks 5 Bush

July 1st   Malt       21/2   Bush

Poorter   3 Kildr


July 7th   Malt       5 Bush

Poorter   4 Kilder


Sep                     5 Bush


Page 22


Janry 2 Receved from Mr E Cowlin

Malt     21/2   B

Janry 17           Malt     21/2   B

Febry 14           Malt     21/2   B

Febry 17     Settled

March 7           Malt     2     B   16 Gal

March 21         Malt     1     B     6 gal

Aprl 4               Malt     21/2   B

Aprl 18             Malt     21/2   B


May 15            Malt     21/2   B

May 30             Malt     21/2   B

June 13             Malt     21/2   B

June 27            Malt     21/2   B

July 4               Malt     21/2   B

Hops   21/2   B

July 14            Malt     5     B


Augst 6           Malt     5     B

Sept 1             Malt     4     B 7 Gal


Page 23


Febry 17 Pead Mr E Cowlin   £11 10s

Aprl 18   Pead Mr E Cowlin   £12   9s

June 2 ad Cash                   £ 5   9s 0d

July 17 Pead                       £16   12s 6d

August ad Cash                   £4     0s 0d

Octr 2   Pead                      £12     6s 6d

Oct 29 Pead                     £ 8   12s 0d

Dec 23 Pead                       £10   0s 0d

Pead in 1857                     £80   10s 6d



Janry 15   Pead                 £10   0s 0d

May 18   Pead                   £17 10s 0d

Augst 25 Pead                   £15   0s 0d

Sept 20 Pead                   £ 2   5s 0d

£44   15s 0d


Page 24


June 23 Receved 67ton 14cwt of Coal

From the Eliza 17s per ton £57 10s 10d

















Page 25

Sep 5   from E C           Malt     5 Bus

Oct 2nd                         Malt     21/2   B


Oct 16                          Malt     21/2   B

Sider   2 Hogs

Barly   3 Bus

Oct 29             Settled

Dec 12                         Malt     21/2   B

Dec 24                         Malt     21/2   B



Feb 20                          Malt     21/2   B

March 6                        Malt     21/2   B

March 20                      Malt     21/2   B

Aprl 1st                        Malt     21/2   B

Aprl 17                        Malt     21/2   B

May 8                         Malt     21/2   B

May 22                         Malt     21/2   B




Page 26


Malt from Mr E Cowling Bush   Galls

June 1st            Malt       21/2          3

June 19             Malt       2     15

June 30            Malt       2     18

July 17              Malt       2     18

Hops     70 lbs

Aug 7               Malt       21/2  

August 25   Settled

Sept 18            Malt     2       6

Sept 20th     Settled

Dec 11th            Malt       21/2  

Dec 24             Malt       21/2  

Settled         38 Bush

Janry     1859   Malt       5

Febry                 Malt       5

March              Malt       5

April 2             Malt       21/2   B

April 16             Malt      21/2   B

March 22   Settled



Page 27


August receved Malt from Mr Hicks

August 16         Malt       7 1/2 Bush

Sept 7   Settled

Sept 18             Malt       5

Oct 7       Settled


April 26            Malt     5   Bush



Malt     5     B

Sept 10            Malt     5     B

Nov 3             Malt     5     B

Dec 15            Malt     5     B




Janry 30           Malt     5     B

March 16         Malt     5     B

Aprl 13             Malt     5     B

May 11           Malt     5     B

May 16           Malt     5     B

May 27           Malt     71/2 B

July 3               Malt     71/2   B

July 3               Hops     86 lbs

July 23             Malt     5     B

40     Bushel



Page 28

Pead Mr Hicks                        £     s     d

Janry 7             Pead 11   7   0

July 2nd     Pead           7   12   0

July 7th     Pead           9   11   6

Sept 7     Pead           6   19   0

Oct   7     Pead           5     0   0

Dec 17     Pead           8   18   0

39     7   6

1859       Pead Mr Hicks

May 13     Pead           7     9   0


July 27     Pead           8   1   0

Oct 10th     Paid             9   0   0

Nov           Paid             9   8   0

26   9   0


Jan 10th     Paid           10   6   6

Feb 14     Paid             11 11 6

Aprl 10     Paid             8   17 0

Aprl 26     Paid             9   5   0

June 14     Paid             17   5   0

July 19     Paid             20 16 0

78     1 6


Page 29


Pead   Mr E Cowling         £       s       d

Janry 10                           7       10     0

Febry 19       Pead             7       10     0

May   16       Pead             7       10     0

July 5         Pead           12         0     0

Augst 31       Pead           14       10   0

Dec 12         Pead             8       19     0

57         9     0


March 22     Pead             11       0     0

July 20       Paid               17       10     0

Sept 27       Paid               11         0   0

Nov 7         Paid               2         9   6


Page 30


Receved   malt from Mr E Cowling

May 28             Malt           21/2     Bushls

June 11            Malt           5

June 11            Hops         44 lbs

July 2              Malt           21/2

July 5       Settled

July 12              Malt           21/2

July 19              Malt           5

Augst 9             Malt          21/2

Augst 27           Malt           5

Augst 31   Settled

Oct                  Malt           21/2

Nov                  Malt           21/2

Dec 12     Settled


Janry                Malt     1   B     16 Galls

Janry 14          Malt           21/2

Febry 25          Malt           21/2

March 10         Malt             5     Settled

Aprl 7              Malt             5


Page 31


Receved malt from E Cowlin

May 8              Malt         21/2     Bushel

May 12            Malt         21/2     Bushel

May 26           Malt         21/2     Bushel

June 15             Malt         21/2     Bushel

June 30             Malt         21/2     Bushel

July 20     Settled

Augst 4            Malt         5     Bushel

Augst 24          Malt         21/2     Bushel

Augst 24          Hops         45 lbs

Sept 27     Settled


Ad Malt from Mr Hicks

Sept 5              Malt         5   Bushels

Sept 26            Malt         5   Bushels

Oct 19             Malt         71/2 Bushels

Nov 30             Malt         5   Bushels


Ad in 1861 Malt 621/2 Bushls

Page 32

Augst 6 Paid Mr Hicks £ 9 2s 0d

Oct 5     paid               £20 13s 0d

Nov 1st   Paid               £ 8   0s 0d

In 1861 paid               £115 16   0d



Janry 8   Paid   Mr Hicks   £12   6s   0d

Janry 17                           £12 16s 0d

March 18 Paid                 £ 6     2s 0d

May 16     Paid                 £15   18s 0d

July 5     Paid                 £10   17s 0d

Augst 8   Paid                   £16     5s   0d

Oct 8       Paid                   £15     6s   6d

Nov 7     Paid                   £2     9s   6d

Dec 2     Paid                     £10   0s   0d

£101   11   4

Page 33


Ad from Mr Hicks

Janry 13           5 Bushells Malt

Febry 27           5 Bushels 5-5-0

Aprl 24             5 Bushels

66 lbs Hops 5-17-10

June 5             5 Bushels Malt

July 8               5 Bushels Malt

August 2           71/2 Bushels Malt

Sept 3              71/2 Bushels Malt

5 lbs Hops   8-9

Nov 27             5 Bushel Malt

37 lbs Hops 2-17-0

Dec 31             5 Bushels Malt

55 Bushels


Page 34


Paid Mr Hicks

Janry 7   Paid     £22 12s 6d

Aprl 8     Paid     £19 10s 0d

July 8     Paid     £21   9s   6d

Sept 1st   Paid       £21   0s 0d

Oct 7     Paid       £12 15s 6d


Janry 6 Paid       £25   7s 0d

March 2 Paid       £11   6s 0d

Aprl   6   Paid       £ 3   5s 0d

July 6     Paid       £     13s 0d

Augst 5   Paid       £11 14s 0d

June 3   Paid         £10   0s 0d

Sept 6   Paid         £12   6s 0d

Nov 5     Paid        £13 16s 0d

£86   17s 0d

Page 35


Malt from Mr Hicks

Febry 28           Malt     5         Bushels

Aprl   4           Malt     5         Bushels

Aprl   30           Malt     5         Bushels

Hops   47 lbs

June 13            Malt      5         Bushels

July 11            Malt      5         Bushels

Augst 8            Malt      5         Bushels

Sept 3              Malt      5         Bushels

Oct 15             Malt      5         Bushels

Hops 1cwt 2qtr 3lbs

£12 6s 8d

Nov 28             Malt      5         Bushels

45 Bushels


Janry 2             Malt      5         Bushels

Febry              Malt      21/2        Bushels

Aprl 27            Malt      5         Bushels

July 16             Malt      5         Bushels

Sept 5               Malt      71/2        Bushels

Oct 22              Malt      5         Bushels


Page 36


Paid Mr Hicks

January 7th   Paid     £11 14s 6d

April 7           Paid     £11 19s 0d

May 19         Paid     £ 7   5s 6d

July 7         Paid     £ 1 17s 6d

Sept 5         Paid     £ 6 11s 0d

Nov 25         Paid     £ 6 19s 6d

Dec 28         Paid     £ 9   8s 0d

£55 15s 4d


Janry 17 Left the house and Mr Parks went in


Janry 13 John Guy went in the cottige to live


Page 37


From Mr Hicks

March 4            Malt     5   B

July 8              Malt     5   B

July 29             Malt     5   B

Augst 18           Malt      5   B

Sept 27             Malt     5   B

Oct 28             Malt     5   B

Dec2                Malt     5   B


Nov 9 Lent Mrs Rickwood £3 0s 0d



Page 38

1854 Nov 7 Mr E Harvey left Gorran for Ostrelyea


1857 July 27 Mr Varcoe Seald from Liverpole for Ostrelyea


1857 Sept 9th Grace Honney Seald from Liverpole for A Merica



Page 39

H John Dadd Maried Nove 11    1854

Nichles May Maried Nov 21       1854

Mr Wm Kendell Maried Nov 22 1854

Wm Kitto & Elizebeth Rickerd Maried June 29 1861

Litel Edward Herrel Drowend July 8 1861

Brat home my mother on the 2 of May 1860. She left on the 20 of June 1860


Page 40

Fred Ball & E Ann Sanders Maried March 17 1860*

First child born Oct 5              1860

Second child born June 29       1862

Little Fiddey died June 22          1865

Third child born Janry 23          1868

4th Child born Nov 30th              1872


Thos Grose & Sard Ann grose Harral Maried Nov30 1861


August`18th 1874 E Ann Ball had a son Charley Ball born Nov 13          1875

C Ball died of wounds received in action April 3rd 1918 at Elaples France


Page 41

John Thomas

Gorge Thomas

& Edward Guy maried Sept 22 1856

Wm Guy & Ester Liddicoat maried Oct 18th 1856

Joseph Keys & Carraline Hennah maried Sept 8 1861


Mr E Cowling maried Nover 27 1861


John Dingle & Mary Ann Rickerd maried March 2 1862


Samuel Granvel died June 14th 1867





Page 42

Wm Rouse & Susan Golley maried April 19 1862


Thos Biling & Eliza Harvey maried Janry 26 1865


Mr Michell & Elan Frances maried April 13 1865


Miss Lanyan maried September 9th 1868


Gorge Golley and Ann Biling maried September 17th 1868


Page 43

S Kerkin & Mary Sanders maried march 3 1863

Cora Mary died July 19             1867

4 Child Born August 8th 1868


Wm Rickerd & Susan Sanders* maried Oct 13 1867

Presumably another daughter ? I think this may be Wm Richards not Rickerd.

First child born Aprl 16th 1868

Second child born March 7th     1870

Third child born Oct 3 1873


Febry 1872 Mary Kerkin very ill


Page 44

The Bath & West of England Exebichen 1868 held at Falmouth June 1st

1st day 659 tickets sold at 2s 6d

2nd day 1-831               at 2s 6d

3rd day 8-903               at 2s 6d

4th day 15-961             at 1s 0d

5th day 3-797               at 1s 0d

totle for the week     30-881

£2-284 –7s-0d


January 10th 1870 M Kerkin and family went to Falmouth to live to keep a drapers shop


April 1871 S and M Kerkin had the small pox at Falmouth



Page 45

Silas & Elizebeth Prophet and two children left Gorran on the 18 of August 1868 for to seal from Liverpoole on the 20th in the Hibernian

Wm & Eliza Frances and one child and from Londonderry to seal for Quebec in America and on the 22nd there was a very heavey Gale of wind a great los of life and shipping on the Liveool Coast.

But the arived out safe



Page 46

Oct 5th 1868 Emma Kerkin died


Nov 26th 1868 Mr Keys died


I receved for my pinchin up to 1st of January 1869 £340 14s T. Sanders


January 31st 1867 Mr Varcoe sold the Ship Inn to Mr W Hicks for £61


Febuary 4 1867 Ann Climo died


June 14 1867 my brother Samual Granvell died



Page 47

June 14 1867 John Beer and Walter upset thare boat. Pick up by Wm Oliver narely drowend


1869 January 19th Evening from 8 to 10 a clock S. Kerkin servant girle ad achild out in the pigs house. Child ded

22nd Inquest held on the child. Returned verdick concealment of burth

Febry 2nd she was taken to St Austell and commited to Bodmin to take her triel to sizeis Tried on the 18 of March ad two months hard labeur




Page 48

1869 March 17 Mr Jinkens and Wm Michel died


Mrs Liddicoat

58 Killigreco St.   Falmouth


Dec12th 1868

Thos Liddicoat died aged 61 years

Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me thy rod and thy staff they confort me. Psalms 23rd 4 virse

Janry 1867

The Prence of Wales & Lady Mordaunt a devorce triel in 1870



Page 49

John Pomery & Lize Kirken maried March 17th 1870

John Pomery seald from Plymouth March 18th for Osterilyea*

Looks like he sailed the day after the wedding


Wm Harvey & Esther Oliver maried March 21st 1870


Mary Jane Pomery died 22nd March 1870


Elizabeth Pomery seald from Plymouth to go to her husband to Osterilyea John Pomery May 25 1872



Page 50

The Emperor of France and Marshal Macmahons army surrendered to the King of Prussia on the 2nd of September 1870

Surrender of Metz Oct 27 1870 Marshal Bazaine with 173.000 officers and men lead down thare arms to the Prushens

320-000 french prisoners in Germany now


Sunday Janry 29th 1871

An armistice tuck place of 21 days between France and Prushia the Germans tuck possechen of the furts at Parras the french lead down ther harms


Page 51

The Loss of H M S Captain

The captain iron plated turet ship capsised of Cape Finister on the 7th of September 1870


Janry 17th 1871

Mr Harry Liddicoat and Miss Mary-Lowisa Julyan maried

Dec 30th 1871 first child born

July 2nd             1873 second child born


March 21st 1871. Her Royal highness Princess Louise with the Marquis of Larne maried


Page 52

I certify that the pensioner named on the other side is alive on this date. But (infurm) unable to atend in person to receive his pension


Navey pensioner £18 4s 0d per year

Greenwich pensioner £13 12s 0d


  1. Oct 15th Lead the foundashen stone of Govermant buildings at Gorran Haven


1867 Nov 29th Mrs E Ann Swoue died


Page 53

Sunday Febry 26 1871

Peace porclemed between Prushea and France

France to pay Prushea

£200-000,000 in 3 years

£40-000,000 in 1871

£80-000,000 in 1872

£80-000,000 in 1873

March 1st 30-000 Germans marcht into Paris and all the Germans troops all left the next day


Mr E Cowling & famely left Gorran for America June 2nd 1872




Page 54

Peter Pomery died Good Friday April 7th 1871

Gabrel Share died       1871

John Guy seald from Plymouth for Osterilyea May 27th 1871

John Pill died 22nd of Augst 1871


Thos Grose died 17th of Oct 1871

Nicklis Oliver died 1871

Wm Oliver died 1871


March14th Margret Dalley died 1872


Haryet Rowse died April 13th 1872


Page 55

Edwin Frances & Julia Wheeler Maried May 1st 1872


Wm Rickerd died June 9th 1872

Joseph Oliver died Sept 14th 1872

John Pomery died Nov 6th 1872

Wm Ball the Cripple died July 27th 1873

Tamazine Ball died March 16th 1874


Page 56

Mrs Silas Prophit

Breclein Post Office

Mard Entario

Canada West


July 8th 1872

Gabral Share & Joseph Dada Caut 500 Mackrel plumating. Sold at Mevegassey 9s per 100. £2 5s 0d a good days work


Mrs Ann Smith died Dec 1st 1862 aged 59 years.


Page 57

E B Liddicoat

W.M.Browne Esqr

Frampton Cottage

Clarendon Road

Putney S.W.


Sept 27th 1871

E.B. Liddicoat came home from London unwell. Left a gen for London Nov 17th to go to her Place. Came home a gen Nov 20th


June 16th 1874 Mr W.L. Mitchell and two sons left Gorran for Queensland


Mrs Mitchell & daughter left 19th June 1876


Page 58

Mr Grose went in and tuck charge of Mr S Kerkins drapers shop at Falmouth on the 22nd of August 1872


August 29th Mr Kerkin came to Gorran to atende a funearel of Pachence Kerkin. S. Kerkins sister


My Dear Mary. left again on the 30th.


Sept 23rd M. Kerkin & family left Falmouth & came to Gorran


Oct 23rd My Dear Mary* & family left Gorran for London. Seald for Willington New Zealand in the Forfarshire

Capt James Fox Shaw & Savill & Co

Nov 14 1872


Page 59


Nov 19th Receved a letter from My Dear Mary. from the Downs. Leying in the Downs. Wind bound. Expected to seal that day 16th but wind S.W.blowing strong.

22nd Receved a nother letter from Exeter very heavy weather wind S. W. rite a head

That night thare was a very heavy gale from the S.S.W and the next day much shipping and lives lost on the coast. My Dear Mary and family out in it all but no acount of them. 3 hemmagrant ships put back. One ship wreck at Poortland. 3 lives lost.



Page 60


Receved a nother letter wrot 1st. A piloat boat longside. Posted at Exeter. Gest ware they was wen the other letter went on shore. Had very ruf wind but nothing happened ondly a great shaking a bout. Very strong head wind but all well. P.S. now a fine fare wind came yesterday for them

Dec 8th

A nother very heavey gale of wind from S.W. Much dammage don by sea and land


I receved a nother letter from My Dear Mary. 8 of March 1873. Brot to Falmouth by a ship bound thare. Wrot Janry 5 1873. All well & fine weather


Page 61

An Emigrant ship run down by a steamer. 312 lives lost on the 22 of Janry 1873. Leying to the anker of Dongen ness. She was cald the North Fleet


Wreck of the Atlantic 650 lives lost 1st of April 1873 of the coast of Halifax


June 3rd 1873 I went to Ladock


Page 62


march 20th had a letter from H Liddicoat to inform us that the Forfarshaire had arived out to New Zealand all well . He saw Brogdoms agent had a tillegram to say that she was arived out safe and well. Brogdoms had hemmagrants in the same ship

1873 May14th. Had a letter from My Dear Mary. The arived to Willington Mar2nd. Allwell Thank the Lord Auckland post office


Page 63

Mrs Ann Plent died May 11th 1873


Mrs Mary Ann Trengove died 22nd May 1873


Mrs Kendle died at Cotna Oct 5th 1873


Mrs Waller died Febry 17th 1874


Mr Wm Harral died March 15th 1874


Page 64


June 10th Susan had a letter from My Dear Mary wrot on the 16 of April. All well


Adres Mr Kerkin

Mr Shorts Draper

Queens Street


New Zealand

Auguat 15th Mrs Varcoe had a letter from My Dear Mary all well. Wrot 14th of May


Likes of war with the Wickato natives 100 miles from Auckland


Settled No war in September


Page 65


July 3rd Mr E James & Olivia Water maried


Oct 19th Mrs Nickells. Capt Dick Nickells wife hangd her self at Mevagessey


1874 Febry 14th Mr Warn a cuper at Mevagessey hangd his self



Oct 15 Lead the foundashen ston of the government buildings at Gorran Haven.





Page 66

E.B. Liddicoat left Gorran for London August 7th 1873



Mr Mc Laren

Swiss Cottage

Somers Town

Nr. Tooting



Miss Liddicoat

No 3 Smallwood Road

Nr Tooting



E.B.Liddicoat maried Nov 23rd 1873.


Page 67

Aug 19th 1873 Wm Guy had a seasher in his head


Mrs J. Mc Laren

3 small Wood Road. Lower Tooting, Surrey.


Oct 1875

Mrs J Mc Laren

Stewarts Cottage, Somers town, Wandsworth Surrey.


Page 68


Sept 10th I had a letter from My Dear Mary. All well. Wrot on the 3rd of June


Dec31st had a letter from My Dear Mary


Febry 26 1874

Susan had aletter from My Dear Mary all well


Aprl 7th had a letter from My Dear Mary. Kerkin unwell and out of imploy


July 7th Mrs Varcoe had a letter from My Dear Mary. All well

Page 69


Janry 1st Mr Dobey Mitchell shat Mr Thos Smith in the face and bryst (breast?) but not ded. Blyend him in one eye


Febry 19th 1874

Mr Bride shot in the face with Mr Kendles man wen on duty going round the cleft. A coastguard


July 9th Mr Harry Liddicoat was hear to Gorran


Page 70/71

My Jesus I love thee I know thou art mine

For thee all the pleashires af sin I resign

My gracious redeemer my saviour art thou

If ever I loved thee my Jesus tis now


I have loved thee in life and I love thee in death

And I’ll praise thee as long as thou lendest me breath

And say when the death deu lies cold on my brow

If ever I loved thee my Jesus tis now


My souls full of glory wich inspires my toungue

Could I meet with angels I would sing them a song

I would sing of my Jesus and tell of his charms

And beg them to bear me to his loving arms


My God is reconciled, his pardoning vois I hear,

He owns me for his Child I can no longer fear

With confidence I now draw nigh and father abba father cry.


Page 72

Upon my head is glorious hope

Upon my bust my shield

With this bright sword I mean to fight

Until I win the field


My feet are shod with gosple peace

On wich I boldly stand

Resolved to fight until I die

And gain fair Candans land


The hope the blissful hope

Wich Jesus grace hath given

The hope when days and years are past

We all shall meet in Heaven


Page 73

1873 and 1874

the expense of the Tichborne Prosecution and Conviction of Arthur Orton. The sum total is fifty five thousand three hundred and 15£ with sum odd shillings and one penny.


August 4th 1874

Mrs Varcoe was home are and brot me Mrs Mingoes* wisht letter from My Dear Mary . I believe this to be Sam Kerkins sister who married James Mingo the Butler at Caerhays Castle and is my maternal Great, Great, Grandmother.


August 11th 1874

I sent a letter with a P order for £5 to My Dear Mary. Letter registered at Mevagissey paid 2s 10d to have it don


Page 74


August 31st Susan had a letter from My Dear Mary all well. Mr Kerkin got into work at Napair 200 mile from Aucklan.


Nov 4th had a letter from Falmouth with one from My Dear Mary. All well


Dec16. I had a letter from My Dear Mary wrot the 22 of Oct . all well


Mrs Watson Durham St Auckland Nr Napeir


Beef 9 to 9 lbs bacen 1/3 eggs 3/6

butter 2/6






Page 75

Tammey Hill put to St Austell August 20th & to Bod man asilam 21st


1877. February 1st Tammey tacen to the asilam the 2nd time


Mr Thos Smyth Black Water Nr Scorrier



Page 76


August 29th Wm Richards & John Frances faut. John Frances harm hurted very bad


Mrs J Mc Laren

First child born Janry 8th 1876. Maried Nov 23rd 1873

2nd child born october 31st 1877


Mrs J.Mc Laren

Robensons Cottages

Somers Town

Nr Tooting, Surrey


December 6th 1876 & 1877

The last letter



Page 77

Janry 12th 1875 had a letter from My Dear Mary wrot on the 23rd of Nov 1874. all well ad child 2nd Nov

Dereclins Mrs S Kerkin

Care of Kenross & co, Napier New Zealand


1875 April 12 th had a letter from My Dear Mary wrot on the 18 of Febry thinking of coming home


May 18th had a letter from My Dear Mary wrot on the 18th of March. Expected to leave 24th for England in the ship Glenlora of London Mary stayed in New Zealand only about 30 months



Page 78

Lose of a maill steemer at Silley 310 lives lost. Cald the Schiller 7th of May 1875


May 21st 1875

Robert Pomery & David Pattens boat filed & sunk at Carrethew . The was pick up by James Billing and Tom Billing. All most drownd

May 22nd 1875 Mary Dinney died


June 16th 1875

Susan Rickerd Mrs Hadient ???

Died at London


Page 79

Mr John Boucher Jackett & Mary Sanders Bowden maried May 17th 1875


Edwin Nichels & Susan Hill maried Christmas day 1875


Mr Ward & Miss Whater maried 1st Janry

Mr R Nichels & Miss Margery Kerkin maried Janry 4th 1876

Wm Beer & Hedah Oliver maried January 8th 1876



Page 80

August 19th 1875 Betsey Beer died


Sept 11th 1875 Mrs Parkes died. Sudant


Fredrick Thomas Ball died Oct 2nd 1875 aged 131/2 months


E Anns next babe born Nov 13th 1875. Baptised at the methedist Chappel janry 6 1876 This is Charley Ball refered to on page 40 who died in France from war wounds in 1918


Mr Hicks Peroppa Near Mevagessey






Page 81


Sept 23 Mary Kerkin left Falmouth for Gorran. Oct 23 left Gorran for London


Nov 14 Left London for New Zealand


My Dear Mary arived Wilington March 2nd 1873. all well


My Dear Mary had child on the 2nd of Nov 1874


1875 July 17th had a letter from My Dear Mary wrot on the 14th of the Ils of Wite and sent on shore by Pilet. All well but head wind



Page 82

July 18th 1875 Mary Kerkin & family came home from New Zealand


August 6th M. Kerkin went to Ch Town to liv


M.K. went in Mrs L Mic???? Shop midsommers day 1876


Mr S. Kerkin came home from New Zealand August 29th 1876

Mary Kerkin & family left Auckland for England March 25 1875

Page 83

August 10th 1875 Gorran church re opend after gon throu a thorah repare


Colosian with H M Ships. The Iran Duke ran down her Magests ship Vanguard on the 7th of Sept 1875 and sunk her of the Irish cost


Finishing the repare of Gorran Ch Tower a serman preachd by the Lord Bishop July 31st 1876



Page 84

Mrs Rickerds Menagwins died February 10th 1876


William Rickerds lost two sows with 15 vears in the February 1876 worth

£12 0s 0d

one sow & 3 vears


March 30th 1876 Miss Kendall maried


Page 85

Susan Holley Oliver died April 16th 1876


Tamazine Billing died May2nd 1876


John Frances died July 5th 1876 aged 62 years


Mr French died at Flushing Nov 16th 1876 aged 86 years


Mrs Pathrick died January 12th 1877 aged 49 years


Page 86

May 15th 1876 Wm Ball went on bord the ganges to try to ship but the Dockter would not pass him

Age on magestate Certivicat born April 14th 1861


Mr Jenkins Cheef Boatman Polscathoa Gerrans

Mr Lowrey Tregarten died January 24th 1877


Page 87

All Most Home

Brothers loock I see the Haven

Ware I soon shall calmly rest

And no wave of care doth ripple

Ore its smooth and peaceful breast

To that port my vessel tendeth

On lifes sed no more ill roam

Angels bright are all around me

For the well im almost home

ALL most home


Page 88


Mrs Thos Liddicoat & Mrs Harry Liddicoat

Was to Gorran from Falmouth Auhust 22nd for 3 days


Mr Richards

I nkeeper

St Gorran


Page 89

Charritey Pomery had a sale for her things Septr 18th 1876. Charritey left Gorran 20th and went to Fowey


Mr Appeldore went to Polscathed to live January 26 1877. Superanevated on £70 a year


Mr Cowlings coast guard died March 5th 1877. sudent


Robert Dinney died 2nd of May 1877


Page 90


Wm Parks & Mary Ann Youten maried Febry 26 1877


Whit Sunday may 20th 1877 eve Wm Grose died sudent. Dolling the bel for Church


Richerd Jons died June 19th 1877


John Nickhels died July 16th 1877 aged 82 years


Harry Hirban died September 15th 1877


Page 91

April 24th 1877

War declared between Rushea & Turkey. First battle fot 26th

lost 800 men the Russians

200-000 Rushans crost the Danube up to the 1st of july

30 of July a great battle faut 8000 Rushens kild & 16000 wanded


another great battle faut August 21 to the 25 in the Shipak pass. The turks drove the Rushans out . The left 4000 ded in the pass & a great many wounded. A gret slatter with the Turks allso


Page 92


I went to Ladock May 25 and to Falmouth 30th

Came home June 8th


Oct 14th 1877 a very heavey gale of wind from the S-S-W. Much damage don by sea & land


Pease sined with Rusha & Turkey Janry 30 1878 but Rusha wold not stop marching on Constantinople.

The Russins lost up to this 89-879 men

But peace not settled.



Page 93


May 19th Wm Harveys house sold to Mr Hemingway for £150

June 16th the houseold furneter & all the things solde even thare bed

Ed Harvey bat thare bed and a fue things for them



Page 94

Eliza ball at ladock maried July 5th 1877

First child born July 7th 1878


John Pill & Eliza Pomery maried July 7th 1877

First chilsd born Nov 14 1878


Wm Billing or Billey Bob maried April 16th 1878


Richerd Pill & Maryana Pomery maried June 29th 1878





Page 95

Mrs M. Kerkin ad a daughter July 11th 1877


I went to Ch Town August 8th 1878

3rd Sept Susan & Wm went to St Austell


Rosey May went to Plymouth Hospitle ill Saugust 14th 1878

Came home not cuerd Christmas and maried Sept 27th 1879

First child born June 6th 1880



Page 96

James Rickerd died October 18th 1877 aged 72 years


Betsey Guy died Oct 16th 1877 aged 84 years


Page 97


Rachel Maria Honey


U.S     Weld Co

N & A Col


Thos Keys left Gorran for St Mawes Oct 26th 1877

Mr Thos Keys com back to Gorran haven to live 3rd of June 1878


Page 98

Oct 4th 1877 Mrs Climo died


Nov 16th 1877 Edward Oliver died


Dec 14th 1877 Bessey Grose died aged 15 years a great sufferer for maney years. A happey realese for her


John Steevings died March 24th 1878 aged 85 years






Page 99

Dec 1877

The extract of Ruts or Mather Seigels

Curative Syrup sold by A.J White

36 Ludgate Hill London


I had a pare of shoos of Mr H Golley Dec 10th 1877


Mr Merrifield made cheef boat man. Left Gorran June 2nd 1878

Went to wite near wemouth


Page 100


at Zion Church New York June 16th Capt Thos Liddicoat late of Falmouth of the mail steem ship Cani?nd to Amelia Sophia Jarvis of Falmouth maried


Arthur Liddicoat and Miss Scues maried May 15th 1879


Page 101


Febry 19th Wallas Kerkin* went to Falmouth with Mr Liddicoat to learn the grocery bisnes


June 12th Mary Kerkin left Sam and com h down with us with two yungest cheldren. Went back 15th


Wallas Kerkin was home August 24th. 4 days



Wallas Kerkin came home August 8th for 10 days


Wallas Kerkin left Mr Liddicoat Febry 20th 1880

Page 102


Loss of H.M. ship Eurydice and 300 lives March 24th

The Eurydice frigate capsised of the Ile of Wite in a snaw storm. Ondley 2 saved out of more than 300. 315 men lost


A German ironclad sunk in the English Channel on the 31st of May 1878 and 326 livesz lost. 2 german men of war got in colloshen and one sunk in about 8 minets with 326 lives lost out of 540 men.


Page 103


Mr Thos Mitchell died April 5th aged 87 years


Little Frank Guy Died June 28th


Mrs Pattan died July 17th aged 58 years


Wm Rowes died July 21st aged 83 years


Mr Hemingways father died Oct 2nd aged 79 years


Wm Parks died Oct 5th aged 66 years


Page 104


The congress meet at Berlin in Germeney on June 13th to settle the Eastern question. England will be represented by Lord Beaconsfield and Lord Salisbury


July 13th Congress Brok up paice settled

England to have Cyprus to pay Turkey £150-000 a year ware the revenue is ondley £120-000

Cyprus is 1-45bmiels in lingth bredth 55 miles having an area of 4-500 miles having a population of 200-000.


Page 105


August 27th Joney Mingoe* had his rite hand cut of in his grandfathers thrashing mashin. Dockters tuck his harm of above the elbo. 4 of his fingers pickt up among the corn in the barne. My maternal Great Grandfather


Page 106


A very wet month a wisht time for the harvest. Plentey of thunder & litning

In maney parts of England much damage don

Sept com in fine


Page 107

A terrible disaster in the Thames. Narley 600 lives lost. The Prencis Alice of London coming up the reaver with about 800 Excursheners on board was run into by a nother steamer on 3rd of September 1878. The Prencis Alice sunk in les than 5 minites.

Sept 16th up to this time 700 boddeys pict up ded.



Page 108

A terrible colliery explosion at the Abercarn Colliery near newport. Out of 387 men & boys who went down the pit on the 11th of Sept 1878 ondley 112 have been saved. Leving 275 in the Pit. Pit on fier water turnd in to flud the pit

A nother acount sey ondly 82 have been saved.



Page 109

Linda ball maried September 28th 1878 to James Goodman Ladock

First child born Febry 28th 1879



Richerd Oliver maried November 26th 1878



Page 110

Mr Hemingways father died October 2nd 1878 aged 79 years

Mr Hemingways had a sale for his howses & land at Gorran Haven Oct 15th 1878.

Had a sale for his stock and furneter Oct 28th & 29th Left Gorran Oct 30th 1878

Nov 29th seald from Plymouth for austerilya ad a fine run out channale 4 days & 4 hours from Plymouth to Madarea


Bursting of a 38 tun gun in the H.M.S. Thunderer. 12 keld & 32 men wonded January 2nd 1879



Page 111

M. Kerkin came with me to live October 30th 1878 with two youngest cheldren forst to leave her husbend.


Mrs Varcoe from Ladock was heare May 25 1879


I went to Ch Town June 12th


Page 112

E Ann went in Walter Beers House November 2nd 1878


Page 113

Sunday morning Oct 27th 1878 young Wittey Hearle fell from a loft in the H.M.Ship and was kild.


Janry 3rd 1879 John Ball died


Janry 11th 1879 Pearce Every died


Febry 2nd 1879 David Pattans child died


March 4th 1879 John Andrew died


Georg Salliman died sudent March 18th 1879


Page 114

Dec 1878 the West of England and South Wales district Bank faild


Suspension of the Cornish Bnk at Truro Falmouth Redruth & Penign January 4th 1879


A meeting held at Truro Janry 28 a diveden of 16s in the £


Page 115

March 11th 1879

Elopment the Hon M Arbuthnott or otherways armstrong eloped from Mevagissey with Miss Edith Kendle but was taken at Exeter and put backto St Austell for pasin fals checks on a London Bank. Tried at St Austell and turnd over to Bodman sisesis. Tried at Exeter got 12 months hard laber at Bodman for foargery


Page 116

Handrew Pattan died April 26th 1879 aged 72 years. With brown crites


Wm Rowlings died April 27th 1879 aged 72 years. With brown crites


Elizabeth Jane Grose died May 8th 1879 with brown crites aged 62 years.


Page 117

May 25th 1879 Mrs Herben died. a happey relese for her. aged 63 years


Edward Harvey died May 27th 1879 aged 78 years


Grace Dadas child died June 3rd 1879 aged 10 days


Fannay Share died June 12th 1879 aged 73 years


Page 118

June 29th 1879 Sunday Edward Guy died sudent in the Wesleyn Chapple aged 82 years


James Grose died July 16th 1879


Sharlet Youten died November 20th 1879 aged 66 years






Page 119

Mrs Mary Ann Smith the beloved wife of Thos Smith died at Black water Sept 11th 1879 aged 63 years. Her end was peace

Oct 18th Thos Smyth was are to Gorran for a week


Page 120

Mr Harry Liddicoat was at Gorran Sept 5th 1879


Mrs E. Liddicoat was at Gorran Sept 16th 1879 from falmouth


Granmother Kerkin died January 28th 1880 aged 76


Granfather Kerkin died March 14th 1880 aged 79


Page 121

Febary 5th 1880. Robert Pomerys boat sunk and father & son drownd. Never pick up and ondley 2 botem boards of the boat


April 8th night 1880 a great wreek with the crab pots lost more than half of the pots with the mackerl drivers and tramels.


Page 122

Sunday night February 8th 1880

A very heavey gale of wind two vessels lost on our cost. A scuner at Pentuen ondley one man saved and a french vessel all hands lost at Charlstown

The was 2 welch vessels not one french


Mr Fisher died March 9th 1880 aged 82 years


A ladey loging with Mrs Walls died March 9th 1880








Page 123

Mr Gorge Thomas Lanlether died March 13rd 1880 Aged 50 years


Little Jacob Robings died April 12th 1880 aged 111/2 years.


Wm Harvey died 1880 aged 82 years


Mr Phylip Johns died October 15th 1880 aged 78 years


James Dingle died Janry 2nd 1881 aged 89 years




Page 124

Master Wm Kendell & Miss Luke Mitchell maried Septr 23rd 1880


June 16th 1874 Mr Wm Luke Mitchell and two sons left Gorran for Queens land


June 19th 1876 Mrs Luke Mitchell and Daughter left Gorran for Queensland


Mr W.L.Kendell com home to Gorran to see his mother July 19th 1883 but she was dead befor he com. She died June 3rd aged 81

W.L. Kendell left Gorran April 29th 1884



Page 125

March 2nd and 3rd 1881

A very heavey gale of wind from S.East.

A friench scuner drove a shauer at the Volt beach Gorran. She was struck by a sea of the Dodman and washt a man & boy over bord & drownd.

A sale for things the 9th at the Volt

24th the boy pickt up at Volt.


The same night a nother frinch vessel went a shour nare Charls Towne all drownd 5 in No.

Page 126

January 31st 1881. Sam & Wallas Kerkin went to Plymouth to emagrant to Queensland

Seald from Plymouth February 9th for Brisbane Queensland in the ship Zamora.


May 28th Mary ad a card from the ships agent St Austell to sey the Zamora arived to Brisbane may 23rd


Mary ad a letter August 2nd to sey the arived to Queensland all rite wrot the 3 of June


Nov 29th Mary ad a letter from Wallas.


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Dec 6th 1881

Mary ad a letter from Sam Kerkin Queensland


July 20th Mary ad a letter from Sam Kerkin to sey Wallass vessel was wrect but no lives lost on the 11th of May 1882

September 15th 1882 ad a letter from Wallas, Wm Ball, Tom Frances & verioes well


Oct 10th ad a letter from Wallas all well.


December 19th 1882 Mary ad a letter from Wallas with £5 0s 0d in it


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January 3rd 1883 ad a letter from Wallas

January 4th Mary ad a letter from Sam Kerkin her husband.

February 29th Mary ad a letter from Wallas.


March 29th Mary ad a letter from Mr Sam Kerkin. Wallas ad left stemer and gon in a otell to live 300 miles from Brisbane a place cold Mackey


April 17th mary ad a letter from Wallas with £2 0s 0d


June 19th Mary ad a letter from Wallas all well.


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March 27th 1882

Wm Ball Thos Frances & two Varcoes left Gorran for Plymouth to emagrant to Queensland. Saild from Plymouth 2nd of April in the ship Zamora for Brisbane Queensland

Arived to Brisbane 15th July. 15 weeks going out

Oct 10th ad a letter from Wm Ball well


Dec27th E.Ann ad a letter from Wm Ball with £2 0s 0d


April 17th 1883 E.Ann ad a letter from Wm Ball*


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Wm Near seald for Queensland 10th may 1882


Wm Near arived June 30th ton Queensland.


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Esther Guy died Octr 15th 1882 aged 60 years. A great suferer but her hend was peace.

Nickles Liddicoat died 30th of May 1883


Paggey Kerkin died Nov 16th 1882 aged 83 years


Mr John Pill died August 7th 1883 aged 84

John Golley died Febry 27th 1884 aged 76 years


John Guy died August 6 1886 aged 95 years

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March 14th 1883

Loweza Mary Ball went to Falmouth to liv with hant Liddicoat. Came home Dec 24th


August 31st 1885 Mr Witford died at Mevagissey was caried to Penryn & bueried with his friends




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Mosstey Kerkin went with his unckel H.Kerkin June 11th 1883 to liv

He left and com home last day of August


Thos Sanders Kerkin born Nov 2nd 1874

Mod Mary Kerkin born July 11th 1877


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June 19th 1883 E.Ann ad a letter from Wm ball with 4 likness s

September 5th 1883 E.Ann ad a letter from Wm Ball with £4 0s 0d


July 14th 1884 E.Ann ad a letter from Wm Ball 1200 miles in the Bush from Brisbane. Wrot on the 17th of April.


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August 8th 1883 Mary ad a letter from Wallas with a Post order for £8 0s 0d and papers for she & family to com out to Brisbane

Wallas paid £10 for thare pasige out to Queensland. Mary paid £4 0s00d for thare out fit in ship



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Mr W. Kerkin

Prince of Wales Hotel




Mr I kerkin

C/o Mr Weeler


Queens st




Sarah Kerkin taken from Gorran Haven to Bodman asilam June 25th 1886


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Oct 22nd 1883

My Dear Mary & Family left Gorran for Plymouth to seal in the Merkara steamer for Brisbane Queensland. Seald on the 24th 9 am


Nov 10th ad a letter from My Dear mary from Malta wrot on the 3rd post stamp 2nd all well

Nov 21st ad a letter from Port Sed all well


Marcara listed arived to Brisbane 13 December all well


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March 4th 1884

Ad a letter from My Dear Mary from Brisbane all well.

Montey in a steamer with Wallas £3 a month all found


June 12th Mrs Varcoe to Ladock ad a letter from Mary wrot on the 10th of April 1884. The famely ad been all bad. Sanders very ill with the fever of the country. Was all better. Montey fourst to leave his ship. Wallas home 3 weeks bad but gon to his ship agen


August 14th E.Ann ad a letter from Mary. All well. Sent one to Mary 20th of August

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August 26th 1884

Mrs Varcoe Ladock ad a letter from My Dear Mary all well


Sept 22nd ad a letter from My Dear mary all well


May 20th 1885

E.Francis ad a letter from My Dear Mary a bout Tom Francis things. Wallas Kerkin was to Mackey seeing about them.


Ad a letter from My Dear mary July 7th 1885


I wrot to My Dear Mary July 29th 1885


I wrot Mary may 17th 1886

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August 5th 1885 ad a letter from Wallas Kerkin all well


August 25th Susan ad a letter from Mary all well


Nov 9th Mary Sanders ad a letter from My Dear Mary all well


September 6th 1886

I had a letter from My Dear mary. She ad a very bad finger a wiklow on it. 2 cors workt out of it. Suferd a lot. Dodterd twise Pead £1 for it & now the are gon 40 miels a way a gen. Got a farm 100 & 70 ekers

The are like a wondering sheepe never stop in one place

Wallas is cheef Stuerd in a company of steemers. Dooing well & Montey is at Brisbane in the stoors.



Page 141

Began about the Queyt at Gorran haven 2nd week in June 1886. Finesht last week in Nov 1886



Page 142

I wrot My Dear Mary nov 23rd 1886


E.Ann ad a letter from My Dear Mary May 17th 1887. all well wrot March 26th


Mrs Kerkin

Wassen Villas

Warry Shut











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October 7th 1890

Wm Richerds Juner and Helen Pearce Maried at Gorran church


William James Liddicoat

Frederick William Liddicoat

Born 1st October 1892

Hilda May Liddicoat

Born 20 April 1894

James Liddicoat

Born Nov 18th 1906


Bessie Liddicoat died July 24 1901 buried Sunday 28



Page 144

Ball                    No

Fredrick               15058






Fredrick Ball X His mark



64 life long service Devonport

Navel reserve



Not sure what this is








Page 145

Mr Thos Saunders died Janry 31st 1892


Mrs W Richards died Janry 26 1893

Mr W Richards died April 30 1895


December 3 1896 W?? C???

December 4 1 C??? W??


Mrs Eliza Ann Ball died Sept 9 1903

Mr Frederick Ball died June 7 1906

Grandfathers daughter and son-in-law



Page 146

William James Liddicoat

Louisa Mary Ball married June 9th 1892


Ernest Charles Legg

Ellen Ball married August 31st 1895


Charles Ball & Laura Liddicoat married April 20th 1904


Charles Ball died at Etaples Hoapital France of wounds received in action April 3rd 1918

Presume E.Ann & Freds children


Page 147

Ena Maude Ball born Oct 16th 1904


Joe Oliver died of wounds Oct 1914


Courtney oliver killed in France Nov 1914


Richard Billing died at the naval hospital Truro April 1918

Page 148

William Henry Patten drowned off Ireland July 1914


Thomas E Pollard drowned off Scotland Oct 1914

Charles Liddicoat died of wounds received in action at France Nov 1914


Charles Ball died of wounds received in action at Etaples Hospital France April 3rd 1918


William Robins Guy killed in action in France April 1914


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January 28th 1884

Marieg of the American midgets at manchester known as General Mites nativs of the United States of America

The Bridegroom stand 22ins and weighing 9lbs the Bride stand 20ins weighing 7lbs


June 4th 1885 a great fier at Mevagessey


Wm Billings seckend wife died Nov 19th 1885 in child birth


Lorra Ball died July 7th 1886


Page 150

June 16th 1883 Sunderland. 181 cheldran cruesht to death in the Victoria Hall at an Entertainment.

The galery doore being block the ware crusht to death leaving the galery one on the other befor the could be releved.


Began a bout the old Church at Gorran Haven July 14th 1884

June 4th 1885 Church opend by the Byship

Mrs Liddicoat from Falmouth & Mr H Liddicoat from Falmaouth & Mr Fred Varcoe Ladock was hear to the opening the church.

Page 151


Mrs Grace Honey


Weld Co


United Stats America


Augst 3rd 1885 Mrs Wm Granvell

My brothers wife was heare to Gorran for a week


Wm Granvell was at Gorran August 6th 1884


Wm Granvell was at Gorran Sept 22nd 1881


Mr Thos Smith was at Gorran Sept 6th 1881



Page 152

April 1880

Sapose los of H M Ship Atalanta with 700 men & boys on board no account how it apend

She was never heard of aney more. Nothing pict up belongin to her.


The Duke of Hedeburrow was at Gorran Haven march 24th 1882


Mrs E Liddicoat

Mr H Liddicaot

Mr Fred Varcoe was at Gorran haven June 4th 1885 the day the church was opend




Page 153

April 8th night 1880

The Gorran men lost most all thare crab pots and trammels with the mackerl drivers cut and card away most all from £2 to £12 to a boat.


I was up seeing the church at Gorran haven June 12 1885 a very nice little church the first time being out for 8 months



Page 154

Majer Cardew

Pey Offecer of Pensioners

Falmouth Janry 1879


Majer Cardew

Staff Officer



Sargent Collins

8 South St

St Austell


Mrs J Mc Laren

Robensons Cottages

Somers Towne



The last adress 1880




Page 155

Janry 21st 1867

The hend of the Ship Inn washt down at Gorran Haven

January 31st 1867 Mr Varcoe sold the Ship Inn to Mr W Hicks St Austell


Our loved ones William James Liddicoat

died Dec 14th 1929

Louisa Mary Liddicoat died Nov 27th 1935

Are these people Fred & Jims parents


Your obedient servant & co



Page 156

June 22nd 1853 E Ann went to Gerrens to live


June 25 Mary went to Penryn to live


July 1854 out settled for my clubs with Mrs Liddicoat. Ad cash £8 0s 0d July 12th

Settled the above


Settled for my club up to the 1st July 1855


E 530587



Nov 7th 1854 E Harvey left Gorran for Ostarilya. Saild from Liverpool on the 24th


May 22nd James Guy tuck house


1867 Grandfather Thomas Sanders daughter, Susan married a Wm. Rickerd on 13th October.

          (Rickerd should probably be read as Richards).

1868  Susan Richards had her first child  16th April.

1870  Susan had her second child  7th March

         “The loss of HMS Captain. This iron plated turret ship capsised off Cape Finistere on 7th September.”

1872   A Wm Richards died 9th June.

1873  Susan had her third child 3rd October.

“ An emigrant ship run down by a steamer. 312 lives lost on the 22nd January. Leying to the anker of Dongen ness. She was cald the North Fleet”.

“Wreck of the Atlantic 650 lives lost 1st April off the coast of Halifax.”

1874 Tammey Hill put to St Austyll August 20th & to Bod man asilam 21st.

June 16th Mr Wm. Luke Mitchell and two sons left Gorran for Queensland.

29th August  Wm. Rickerd (Richards)  and John Frances faut. John Frances harm hurted very      bad. (There is no indication  as to why they “faut”)

1875  May 21stRobert Pomery & David Pattens boat filed & sunk at Carrethew. They was pick up by        James Billing and Tom Billing. All most drowned.

“7th May.  Lose of a mail steemer at Silley 310 lives lost”.

1876  June 19th Mrs. Luke Mitchell and Daughter left Gorran for Queensland.

Charritey Pomery had a sale for her things Septr 18th. Charritey left Gorran 20th and went to     Fowey.

Mrs Richards, Menagwins died on 10th Feb.

Wm Richards lost two sows  with 15 years worth £12 (The reference to Menagwins and pigs implies the family were involved with farming)

1877  Feb 1st Tammey taken to the asilam the 2nd time.

May 19th Wm Harveys house sold to Mr Hemingway for £150 June 16th the household furneter & all the things solde even thare bed. Ed Harvey bat thare bed and a fue things for them.

James Richards died aged 72 on 7th October.     Wm Richards “Juner” married a Helen Pearce at Gorran church. (Presumably Susan’s son)

1878  Mr Hemmingways father died October 2nd aged 79 years.

Mr Hemmingways had a sale for his stock and furneter Oct 28th & 29th

Left Gorran Oct 30th  Nov 29th seald from Plymouth for austerilya. Ad a fine run out channale 4           days & 4 hours from Plymouth to Madarea.

At Zion Church New York June 16th Capt Thos Liddicoat late of Falmouth of the mail steam ship Cani?nd to Amelia Sophia Jarvis of Falmouth married.

“ Loss of HM ship Eurydice and 300 lives March 24th. The Eurydice frigate capsized of Cald the Schillerthe Ile of Wite in a snaw storm.”

“ A German ironclad sunk in the English Channel on the 31st of May and 326 livesz lost. 2 german men of war got in colloshen and one sunk in about 8 minets with 326 lives lost out of 540 men.”

“ A terrible disinter in the Thames. Narley 600 lives lost.” The Prencis Alice of London coming up the reaver with about 800 Excursheners on board was run into by a nother steamer on 3rd of September 1878. The Prencis Alice sunk in les than 5 minites. Sept 16th up to this time 700 boddeys pict up ded.”

1880  Master Wm. Kendell & Miss Luke Mitchell married Septr 23rd.

Febary 5th  Robert Pomerys boat sunk and father & son drownd. Never pick up and ondley 2 botem boards of the boat.

April. “Sapose los of HM Ship Atalanta with 700 men & boys on board no account how it append. She was never heard of aney more. Nothing pict up belongin to her.”

1883  Mr W.L. Kendell com home to Gorran to see his mother July 19th but she was dead before he  com. She died June 3rd aged 81.

1884  W.L. Kendell left Gorran April 29th.

Thomas appeared to have had aspecial interest in shipping disasters. The following are his records, presumably taken from the West Briton newspaper.

1886  Began about the Queyt at Gorran Haven 2nd week in June. Finesht last week in November.

(This refers to the construction of the present Quay. It is difficult to imagine that this could have been completed in less than 6 months. John Charles Williams who owned Caerhays Estates bought the land on which the quay and pound stand from the Duchy of Cornwall, built the quay, at a cost then of several thousand pounds and gave it to the fishermen. A very generous man. The fishermen promptly formed a Co-operative Society to safeguard its future. This Society continues to be active, managing ”.the harbour and raising funds for its upkeep.)

1893   26th June Mrs W Richards died.

1895   30th April Mr W. Richards died.


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