Gorran Haven Tai Chi

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Gorran Haven Tai Chi

Gorran haven Tai Chi

Gorran Haven Memorial Village Hall

Every Thursday 6.30pm

“Qigong”, loosening and breathing exercises

Tai Chi Form ( Cheng Man Ching 37 step)

Improved posture, movement, relaxation

£5 per session

No equipment is necessary just lose comfortable clothing and flexible soled shoes

contact Chris Gillie cgillie10@googlemail.com 0796 222 9916

Why learn Tai Chi ?

What is the most important reason to study Tai Chi Chuan?

“The most important reason is that when you finally reach the place where you understand what life is about, you’ll have the health to enjoy it”

Master Cheng

So what is Tai Chi?

Tai Chi Chuan (“ Grand Ultimate Fist” )  to give it its full title, draws on ancient origins as  a martial art with study of  the “The Tai Chi form” at its heart.

Tai Chi has been described as “moving meditation”; as an exercise it will strengthen you physically, improving mobility  through rhythmic movements which gently stretch the body, and balance as you learn correct body alignment and weight transfer. Focus on performing the movements develops “mindfulness”. 

Using intrinsic energy (chi) and proper body alignment, Tai Chi works though relaxation rather than muscular strength and as such is not limited by age or fitness. It’s long term health benefits have earned  Tai Chi  the title “ self-defence for life”.

Tai Chi  is an art, from which you can choose to take as little or as much as you wish, but like all arts, it takes time and diligent practice to perfect. To learn the form is to merely scratch the surface…… be warned it can become addictive…!

Having learnt how to control the body through practice of the solo form, students may choose to go on to learn the Push-Hands exercises, practiced with a partner. These exercises teach one how to understand, interpret and neutralise energy; and then, finally, how to exert force.  

For those wishing to expand their study further, practice of weapon forms (including: Fan Stick Staff, long and broadswords)  explores wider principles of movement.

Gorran Haven Tai Chi

Classes  began in September 2022,  the current the focus for the students, all of whom were new to the art,  is on learning the Tai Chi form developed by professor Cheng Man Ching (kaiming.co.uk) with accompanying loosening and breathing exercises.

As students’ progress, they will begin to explore the form in more depth and  for those who wish to take their study further there is the opportunity to expand into two person practice and weapons forms.

Gorran Haven Tai Chi is part of the Kai Ming Tai Chi Association; lead by local instructor Chris Gillie, who continues to in travel monthly to Birmingham to train with fellow instructors and Association Chief Instructor Mark Peters.

This arrangement ensures  that students in Gorran have up to date access to the extensive body of learning and knowledge within the association, which students who wish to progress their journey in Tai Chi are encouraged to join.

All journeys start with the first step….. in this case through the Gorran Haven Memorial Hall  door 6.30pm on a Thursday…. care to join us?

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