Phil Hadley – Gorran Haven and the Second World War

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Phil Hadley

Phil Hadley is a local author and historian who has produced several publications featuring Gorran Haven during the Second World War.

Gorran Haven and District War Diary

The eBook ‘Gorran Haven & District War Diary’ charts the events of the war in the village and neighbourhood from evacuees to air raids, from fundraisers to fetes, from those who left to serve in the armed forces and those who did not come back to the Invasion Committee’s household survey of what each home could provide in an emergency. Many will recognise their family or their address in what is a fascinating and informative read. (Price £4.99)

‘Vacuees Have Christmas Too!

The eBook ‘Vacuees Have Christmas Too!’ is a heart-warming fictional short story for Christmas. It tells the tale of Jemima Pearn and her two children who are evacuated to Gorran Haven just before Christmas 1940. Living in a cottage in Church Street find out how they settle in the village and discover how their Christmas turns out in a feel-good tale told with historical accuracy. (Price only £3.49)

A Place and a Name

Phil’s novel, available only in paperback, ‘A Place And A Name’ is the second in his trilogy featuring Major Isaac Trevennel. The climax of this adventure featuring an enemy agent on the loose in Cornwall is set in Gorran Haven where Phil moves his fictional characters over an historically accurate canvas. You’ll recognise people and places from that wartime era as you’re gripped by the suspense and thrilled at the action. (Price £10 plus postage)

Full details on all three titles are available at  You don’t need to own a Kindle to access the eBooks as you can download a free eReader for your phone, tablet or computer (if it doesn’t already have one). You’ll also find on Phil’s website information on the locations he uses in his novels as well as the history behind them.

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